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About Us

Innovation Excellence

Established with the ethos of transcending business excellence, the Bellator Group stands as a beacon of unparalleled quality and commitment. We are a conglomerate, reigning supreme with a diversified portfolio of businesses that touch different aspects of life, from culinary adventures at the Nova Restaurant and Garden Grub Café to fostering fitness at FitClub and curating memorable experiences at Trips Tours, or providing dream spaces with Superior Realty. Each brand under our umbrella is a testament to our dedication and craftsmanship.

Our Team

A diverse team of experts dedicated to driving innovation and success.

Our team at Bellator Group is a fusion of diverse talents and visionary thinkers. United by passion and dedication, we collaborate to innovate, setting industry benchmarks and turning challenges into opportunities, all while shaping the future.

Rishi K. Jangid
Founder | MD (INDIA & UAE)
Visionary leader, directing Dubai operations; Rishi is Bellator Media's unwavering pillar in India and UAE. Facing challenges head-on, Rishi's commitment to excellence defines Bellator Media's remarkable journey.
Akshay Sharma
Managing Director (INDIA)
Akshay's creativity knows no bounds; a hardworking MD fueling Bellator Media's innovations in India. Persistently overcoming obstacles, Akshay's drive sets the gold standard for creative enterprise and dedication.
Jatin Sharma
Managing Director (Real Estate)
Jatin Sharma: a sales maestro with an unmatched eye for talent in the real estate arena. Harnessing potential, Jatin's vision propels Superior Realty, turning dreams into tangible landmarks.
Arfan Khan
Managing director (Tripa Tours UAE)
Arfan Khan: a nexus of influential Dubai contacts, igniting business passions and always seeing ventures through. Starting with enthusiasm and sealing with determination, Arfan ensures Trips Tours leads with distinction.
Paras Chhabra
Business Head (UAE)
Paras Chabbra: UAE's business linchpin, mastering networking intricacies and building enduring relationships. With his adept networking finesse, Paras fortifies UAE operations, turning connections into collaborations.
Gulshan Sharma
Creative Head
Gulshan Sharma: India's creative titan, pioneering design and concepts, steering creativity across all ventures. Crafting masterpieces and envisioning unmatched concepts, Gulshan’s brilliance illuminates every business facet.


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